Portrait by Billy Erb

Portrait by Billy Erb

As a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in the late 1980’s, Tobie Giddio’s career began as the last fashion illustrator to illustrate advertisements for Bergdorf Goodman that ran in the New York Times weekly. As an illustrator she has created campaigns, editorials and packaging for clients that include
The New Yorker, SHOWstudio, Neiman Marcus, Apple Computer, Twining’s Teas, Tiffany & Co. and Crest. She has been published in numerous publications championing fashion drawing including a whimsical collaboration with Amy Sedaris for her I Like You, Entertaining Under The Influence.

“As a child and a young adult I was always drawing women in a way that was aspirational. It was always about exalting and glorifying women, femininity to it’s extreme. Feminism as a poetic and explosive celebration of being a woman and of beauty in all its forms. In the beginning it was the hyper elegance of old Hollywood and the movies and magazines I loved as a child and a teenager that inspired my work. Over time I moved away from drawing faces and a detailed articulation of clothing. I felt compelled to express from the inner realms that encompassed the emotional and the etherial. Expressing the invisible became a means to evolve artistically and as a way to express universally. I am drawing all women, the highest feminine principle, the Divine Feminine. Ultimately, I am my own muse, and we are all connected.”

Tobie maintains a drawing practice that continues to explore the realms of abstraction as a fine artist. Her subject matter continues to deepen and expand.
As a long time meditator and a dancer, her passion is to capture and express Spirit onto the paper as she is moved.

“I love the immediacy and the privacy of drawing. It is a moving meditation, giving form to the subtle, to what is invisible. It is a a discipline that brings freedom and clarity. I hope to make work that communicates and vibrates confidence, power, and an expanded understanding both in myself and within the viewer.”

Tobie lives in New York City with her daughter Praise and their beautiful Bengal, Rae. 

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