McQueen Tribute

Lee McQueen has been a long time inspiration and hero for me as for many. This story is from the point of view that when genuine inspiration is taking place then collaboration is manifest regardless of circumstance, time and space. Being an illustrator and in America our paths hadn’t crossed yet and when he passed it would never be. I see this series to be that joining, that collaboration. It is a portrait of reverence of an artist who gives in such a way that literally pushes and pulls others further on their path, and about the immortality of such beings.

“I think it’s dangerous to play it safe because you will just get lost in the midst of

cashmere twin sets. People don’t want to see clothes. They want to see something that fuels the imagination.”
~ Lee Alexander McQueen

This quote has been up in my studio for some time and will remain there as a reminder to me for when there is ever a moment of doubt about how far or how deep or how true I am giving myself permission to be. This is the nature of what heroes give to us and there is nothing more infinite or valuable than this. His particular offerings of such profound beauty and sensitivity will be missed but for those who his message was not lost on are left with a lifetime of inspiration.

McQueen Red