I’m On A Plain

I’m having a nineties moment that started on a plane coming back from Arizona. I was squeezed up next to the window having been seated next to a giant. They just took my fancy massage oil and my yogurt at security so the kvetching was about to go into full throttle down the runway. Nirvana’s “I’m On A Plain, I Can’t Complain” pops into my head. I’m always amazed how the catalog of music stored in my brain shows me what I’m thinking. Right, I’m on a plane – returning from a trip at a spa in the desert. I’m on a plain, I can’t complain.

I’m now listening to the Nirvana MTV Unplugged album which is in my phone. I’ve done this route from Tuscon to New York several times so I’m familiar with the fantastic and varied landscapes. I decide to photograph it. Immediately I start seeing the huge potential in collaging with these textures etc.. I’m on a plain, I can’t complain…Re-appreciating that song, moving from cramped and crabby to expansive.That was so much of what the nineties were about for me – movement, and there was a tremendous amount of energy and inspiration that seemed to be penetrating me from almost every direction. The dance floor was still thriving in the underground. There was still an underground actually. Actual artists and musicians were thriving in pop music as well. I think that was pop culture’s last hurrah before the ignoring started for me. My obsession with West African dance was in full swing as well. I hold all of this now with such reverence. All those dj’s, those countless brilliant sets would have me transported for hours. And all the Tori, and the Alanis and the Bjork and the Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Live………… It really did seem like no matter where you looked there was something good.

One thing was noticeably absent during that time though. It was amazing in so many ways but I wasn’t grounded really. Nothing was in place that is now. I was flying and twisting and twirling in body mostly. I was going higher and higher but there was usually a crash of some kind. As far upwards and outwards as I was going it was clear to me the next direction had to go inward. It was around ’97 or so that the necessary inquiry started, a meditation practice was established, I met a great teacher that set me on a path of inner work. Life really changed and laid the ground for everything that exists now.

So I’m thinking about what propels me now, about how this all relates in the present. The thought of taking off for a weekend to go to a rave in a van with a bunch of friends or heading out at 4am to catch the last set of one of my favorite dj’s is science fiction at this point. It’s not about re-living anything. It never is.

I am reaching back into my period of “Big Time Sensuality”. I am utilizing the movements and sounds made then now because it’s just a better time for me to do so. These figures are straddling the confines of time and space. They exist in the realm of ALL IS WELL, which is constant and always. They are adorned and made of what we stand on and can take off from. I’m On A Plain, I Can’t Complain.

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