Here are some new explorations going on in the studio. They’re rather large. About 24” x 36”. It’s just the beginning. The intention is to make my collages on a larger scale to exist as one of a kind works on paper. I’m letting go here of the need for the perfection that comes with scanning and finishing digitally. Perhaps they will be framed in a way that will adhere to the glass to preserve the transparent color films that have been applied to the sumi ink drawing. Or maybe it’s about a light box. Like I said it’s the beginning.

Ultimately I am persevering with my pursuit to pinpoint an exact meeting place of fine art and fashion. I elaborated on this here and this is the work that is coming. Basically all perceived limitations or doubts have been unemployed for this series so my only job here is to be bold and to get completely out of the way of The Force.

The mind can easily slip in there. ”Is this too abstract, not abstract enough? Is this communicating or just indulgent? …

I don’t know but these forms just keep coming almost effortlessly. I have to trust that. There is no under-drawing or sketches, no references, no plan whatsoever. I feel a pull back to this work whenever there is the space to do it so hopefully life will make way for more composing.

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