First Drafts

Artists Statement, First draft:

Two very distinct elements are at play here: fine art and fashion. There is an understanding between the two that they coexist simultaneously and equally. In constant service to the other they join in a quest to express extraordinary beauty.

The forms and impressions of fashion feed into my internal library of shapes and lines. I am soothed by the symmetry of curves that reflect the body of a woman. I rely on the strength and stability of sharp edges, as if cut from cloth itself to support the structure. In my world, fashion has as much to do with clothes as it does with an internal language of form and line. It is an expression from the inside out.

Going inside to find your imagery is a fine art principle. It is a process of deconstructing and abstracting elements from the outer world. What makes a work successful is that moment when there is resolve. You know that what you have in front of you, you have not seen before. And yet it has come through you as the summation of every exquisite thing you have seen, experienced and loved.

We are in a moment where art and fashion are in a lot of communication with each other, though I am sensing a lot of self-consciousness. I see much of the fashion community running to the galleries to find what is right under their noses. They’re searching for art that gives their brand just the right amount of credibility, giving themselves just the right amount of distance from fashion. There is a palpable distaste for a work of art that actually contains fashion. The “It’s too fashion for art, too art for fashion.” mentality no longer holds any resonance for me.

I am seeing here a somewhat dysfunctional love affair with fashion and art that’s been going on too long. I am interested in a real marriage of the two. Transformation and evolution thrive where there is unity. Judgments and perceived limitations of the other have to be dropped. Neither can be any more relevant than the other. I like the notion that the exact meeting point is the most worthwhile and powerful pursuit. It is where something genuinely new is created.
It is a time when beauty must be exalted and vulgarity rejected. Imagery intended to shock or to be provocative simply reveals desperation at this point. It’s time to put the Andy Warhol playbook away for a while. There is a place for everything of course but in this somewhat dark period in our world where there is an abundance of frivolous imagery I feel compelled to make work that references the part of us that is the most regal, beautiful and life affirming.

We are all sensitive beings whether we are aware of this or not. Imagery is equally as important as conservation and sustainable living are to our wellbeing and survival. We cannot be sustained or even satiated by images primarily intended to sell us something or to create envy or gluttony.
An authentic work of art can serve as both a timeless valuable object or as an image used to consciously sell the beautiful or even the not so beautiful things we make. Here our perception and experience of luxury is deepened and expanded.

I’m thinking it’s the other side of or even the next step from where Warhol was coming from in his approach to the merging of art and the commercial worlds. I feel that at this point everyone can appreciate a sophisticated and skilled work of art. Everything has been moving towards this. Picasso knew this, which is why he brought his brilliant abstractions to such a massive audience. We’ve had time to digest and assimilate what modern art brought to us. Deeply personal work resonates universally. It has the power to magnetize others to it mostly because it is communicating from an inherent common ground. We really don’t have to dumb it down anymore. Everyone gets it on one level or another. There’s nothing corny about raising the vibration of our environment, whether it’s in a gallery, someone’s living room, on a computer screen, or a department store window.

This work is a concentrated potion of beauty and power intended to achieve as much mutual benefit as possible on as many levels as possible.

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