Containment Series

For some time I have gone back to working in charcoal. I wanted to create drawings that were “complete” as a work on paper. I think I may be done with this series though since I can’t stand dealing with the soot that goes everywhere no matter what.. Maybe I’ll pick it up again in the summer when I can work outside in the country. We’ll see..

Anyway, so what has been coming up for a while for me is the contemplation of “Containment”. There are times when our energy is strong and is seeking expression, we feel compelled to connect, move forward, upwards and onwards regardless of circumstance.

What I am finding interesting at the moment is working with this energy with a sense of mastering it. Honing it in, disciplining and directing it’s flow. I am interested in the containment and the concealing of ones power. What is the purpose of containing or concealing anything? For me there is pleasure and liberation in the building and preserving of energy for the ideal time. For when art or love or anything can ultimately flourish. It is obvious when the outer world is in complete harmony and resonance with a specific expression. Giving and receiving are in balance.
There is total support. This is what mastery is all about. Not a drop of energy is wasted. I am conserving and nurturing the best of the best for the best, yet I have no idea what that really is. I just know I’ll recognize it.

These vessels are containers of power, of strength in reserve. They are built from a series of lines and shapes until they have reached capacity or completion. The many drawings beneath never to be exposed. The intention is for the power within to be felt, sensed. Kind of like a bomb or a vase or a woman, however you want to look at them.

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