“The Light”


Pastel on paper, 22” x 30”
Custom framed in gold.How do we draw what is not possible to draw? What cannot be seen? How can we possibly interpret what is beyond the physical representation of this world? Pure Spirit, The Light; the aspect of our existence that illumines and guides, protects and sustains us as human beings regardless of circumstance. Does Grace have a sound or a visual component? Well we can try, and we can sense it in each other, in the ways we help and uplift each other when it is really really needed..

My friend Tommy Mastro has ALS. He lives the daily existence of witnessing his body deteriorate and stop working bit by bit. It is physically, emotionally and psychologically painful and exhausting. Having a friend or a loved one with ALS will catapult you into wanting to help and support in any way possible. My window into all of this has inspired me to advocate and help wherever I can. I am grateful for every opportunity that comes along to join in the fight, to raise money and awareness.

“The Light” was made specifically to help raise money to support and sustain the incredible cost it is to live with ALS for Tommy and his family. There is a benefit coming up Sunday, Sept. 7th where “The Light” will be auctioned. The starting bid will be $500. If you are interested in participating in this auction and cannot be there please contact me.

It has been beyond amazing to see you all participating in the #ALS #icebucketchallenge and donating. It is a miracle really. I made this before any of this began so know that this drawing carries within it the vision and hope for a cure. It is about the light and the spirit that exists in us all especially when it is seemingly dark. ALS has finally come into the light, into the forefront, no longer an unknown disease desperate for attention and funding. The light of our awareness is here now and will play a huge part in bringing forth what is needed for all those living with this awful disease. You will be seeing here more art made specifically for ALS charities and to support people and their families who are living with ALS. I look forward to sharing it all with you.

Much Love,


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