SHOWstudio NY SS/14 Fashion Week

This was probably one of the most enjoyable projects yet and what I was working on as I turned 50.

Here were the variables. Take it as artful as possible without leaving behind the essence of the clothing. The shows were daily and I needed to make these in one shot and upload them to their tumblr site asap so I chose to work in charcoal. They come fast and they’re quite physical. Overall I had a blast. The soot everywhere, the music filling the space and I got to do it all in my studio without a single constraint or distraction. For almost every one, I would finish, look her up and down and be like I have no idea about this but there’s no time for criticism or doubt or anything – get out of the way and send it off. What genuinely surprised me was how well these were received. You really never know.

I’ve been at this a long time now. I’ve wanted to make this kind of statement for years; bold and expressive drawing with a strong emotional content yet still referencing the fashion. It is my vision that my drawings will find their way more and more to the right venues, working with the people and the collaborators that will truly embrace this work. Working with SHOWstudio could not have been a more perfect new beginning, a more perfect way to move into this next decade. So these girls carry with them pure delight, enthusiasm and hope for really good things to come.

This series is available for purchase on the SHOWstudio shop.

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