Now Is The Time

There are some people that spark something in you that you carry in one form or another throughout your life. Something about them finds a place in your heart and stays there regardless of where life goes. This kind of reminds me of that line from Joni Mitchell’s “Case of You”.. “part of you, pours out me, in these lines from time to time..” It’s all in there, and at some point it makes its way onto the paper; the people, the music, images and impressions. Ultimately it’s love.

Tommy Mastro is one of the first people in my life that would leave something in there, in that reservoir of inspiration that I would draw upon for years, consciously or not. We were friends in high school, he was one of the first seriously talented people I knew and I wanted to be around that. He was clear that he would be a drummer – a really good one, for his life’s work. I was clear that I would make art as my life’s work and so that is how it went. To this day I cannot listen to Led Zeppelin without a deep appreciation for all the good things about that time. The music and so much about Tommy stayed with me even when it was time to take off for NYC and make my dreams come true.

Fast forward to now, more than thirty years later, a lot of life has happened. I did not stay in touch with Tommy Mastro throughout those years though remarkably in sort of parallel universes we both carried on, staying true to making art and music without much compromise, dedicating our lives to our passions and a spirituality that would give it all so much more meaning and purpose.

When I found out that Tommy had been diagnosed with ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, we reconnected. He can no longer play drums. All life as he knows it to be has changed and will continue to change in ways that no one ever imagines their life will go. The way that this disease will progress is completely unknown. Life has become 100% about living in the present moment in order to find the peace and contentment that is inherent in all of us in every circumstance. It is now all about the now, even loving THIS now, this time.

We acknowledge the opportunities we have in this moment to connect in more authentic ways, reaching farther and deeper into ourselves, while simultaneously reaching outwards to help, soothe, reassure and support. In these kinds of now we get to expand the virtues; compassion, generosity, empathy, selflessness.. We find genuine bliss that is beyond what happens. It is there, and it is miraculous. There is no other reason to be here really. When we can no longer “do what we do”, this is what we stand on and it is becoming more and more obvious that this is all that really matters.

I am compelled to be a part of helping Tommy to just be able to move through this in a way that regardless of how this goes he can be free of as much stress as possible, to mainly keep his focus on all the goodness that is. As we know, a huge part of living with an illness is about having the best of the best in the ways of nutrition, practitioners, physical therapists, whatever assistance is necessary at any given time, and that most of that is not covered by insurance.

If you have been thinking about buying art from me, now is the time. 100% of your purchase will go directly into a fund that is set up to support Tommy through this. Go to the editions section on here and choose whatever you like or if you want to come for a studio visit I’d be happy to have you. Contact me directly and we can sort out the details.

Nothing would make me happier than to utilize my work in this way. The intention behind this work has always been to uplift and inspire and now is the time for it to serve in an even more expanded way.

With much love,


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